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Zigo Mango Stroller/Jogger/Trailer For Spring 2012

Mango Kids Bike Trailer

Mango Kids Bike Trailer Mode

The Zigo Mango Stroller/Jogger/Trailer is shipping for Spring 2012.  This long awaited entry into the U.S. sports stroller market is likely to give the established players, Burley and Chariot, a run for their money. The Zigo Mango price value proposition is hard to beat.

The Zigo Mango X2 Complete is a fully functional stroller, jogger, and kids bike trailer out-of-the-box. There is no need to buy any conversion kits. It includes 8″ front caster wheels, a 16″ jogger wheel kit, and a trailer arm hitch set. It also includes a safety flag andwhat Zigo calls the Simple Environmental Control System, which is a basic mesh screen and drizzle guard. The Zigo Mango comes with 20″ rear wheels, which makes for a luxurious ride, run or stroll, and dual drum brakes.

In stroller mode, the Zigo Mango is a limousine for your child, thanks to the 20″ wheels. It is a spacious side-by-side design for two children, though you need to buy an extra harness for the second one. Unlike most trailers that convert to strollers, the Zigo Mango can be thought of more as a stroller that converts to a trailer. The stroller function is well executed and not an afterthought. If you never used the Mango as anything other than a stroller, it’s still worth buying ( you can buy the  Zigo Mango X2 Stroller separately (as opposed to the Mango x2 Complete) and purchase accessory jogger or trailer kits later as needed.)

Mango Stroller Mode

Mango in Stroller Mode

To convert from stroller to trailer or jogger, the caster wheels are either positioned to point upright or can be removed entirely to reduce weight. The trailer or jogger kit connects to the front of the Mango.

The Mango jogger has a fixed front wheel, which is what you want for stability and true tracking without veer as you run. The Mango performs well in this regard. Modulating your pace is easy with the dual drum brakes.

As a kids bike trailer, the Mango offers a comfortable and stable ride. The Mango comes with a safety flag and a mesh and plastic cover for use as a trailer (the Simple ECS). It has a built in roll-cage for protection as well as side guards to deflect obstacles.

Mango in Jogger Mode

Mango Jogger Mode

There are a few accessories to consider for the Zigo Mango. The StoragePod adds one cubic foot of storage space to the rear of the Mango. This is great for use in any mode to carry all that baby gear, and is a must-have for longer trips.

The Deluxe Environmental Control System is a nice accessory to have. Although the Simple ECS is functional, it lacks the style and fit of the Deluxe. If you are planning to be an all-weather user then consider adding the Deluxe ECS.

Mango StoragePod

Mango StoragePod

The Zigo Mango is available in Mango Red or Mango Yellow. The astounding thing about this product is the price. IN the United States, the Zigo Mango is offered only direct from Zigo with no dealers or middlemen. It is listed at $599 on the Zigo website, but if you “Add to cart to see better price” it is only $499.  This price point is hard to beat for Zigo style, functionality and quality.

To purchase the Zigo Mango X2 Complete you will need to visit the Zigo website at store.myzigo.com. The Zigo Mango and accessories can be purchased there, along with the flagship Zigo Leader Carrier Bike.


Zigo Bakfiets Carrier Bike - Converts to Bike and Stroller