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Carrier Bike Safest For Transporting Children

Zigo Carrier Bicycle

Zigo Carrier Bicycle System

We recently came across this report from Germany, reported on in a Belgium news site, concluding that a cargo bike or carrier bike is the safest way to transport children. I will admit that my dutch is not much good and that Google translate mostly mangled the article, but from what I can figure, the German automobile club ADAC tested a bike seat, a trailer and a carrier bike. The conclusion was that a trailer was safer than a baby bike seat, but that a carrier bike was safest of all.

Each setup was tested by crashing into an obstacle at a rate of 25 kilometers per hour (15.5 mph). In the crash test the trailer remained upright and the dummy passenger unharmed, while the doll in the baby bike seat had damage to the legs.

The examiner concluded that the cargo bike was the safest, citing the low position to the ground, ability to always confirm that the child is connected to the cycle without looking back, and the larger vehicle size discouraging motorists from attempting to pass as compared to a cyclist with a baby seat.

Of course in America, they still have no clue.




The (very) Nordic Cab

Nordic Cab

Bike trailer, ski sled, push stroller, dog sled. Is there anything the Nordic Cab can’t transform into? This Norwegian design is among the most versatile we’ve seen so far. For starters, it is a spacious traditional two-child bicycle trailer with ample back, head and neck support for growing children. From trailer, Nordic Cab converts easily into a push stroller with adjustable handlebar. On the down side, the tiny front stroller wheels placed squarely in the middle of the front end make the carriage seem difficult to maneuver and potentially off-balance. Nordic Cab also sells a jogger attachment which would actually appear to be a more secure alternative to the flimsy front stroller wheels.

Dog Kit for Nordic Cab

In addition to the modes previously mentioned, the Nordic Cab also meets the needs of parents in Northern, snowy climates. The Ski kit accessory may be advantageous for the uber-athletic parents who enjoy trekking long distances through blustery winds with their children in tow… (to each his own). Even more unusual is Nordic Cab’s Dog kit adapter, which allows the Nordic Cab and Nordic Cab sled to be pulled by none other than man’s best friend. Perhaps we can chalk it up to mere cultural differences, but we find it hard to believe that many North Americans would trust their excitable canines with dragging their infants behind them in the local park, let alone in a blizzard.

Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle System

Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle System

In summary, while the Nordic Cab is truly innovative, with a lot of imagination and creativity, we find it to be somewhat lacking when it comes to practicality. With so many traditional bike trailers available, we do not feel the Nordic Cab, with all its accessories, will resonate with most average families. There are plenty of other bicycle trailer brands which will offer a similar design and value without all the bells and whistles.


Zigo Bakfiets Carrier Bike - Converts to Bike and Stroller